Latex Floor Screed – Your Ideal Solution

Are you tired of the drab and damp wooden flooring and are looking for a flooring renovation solution? Are the uneven floor tiles and the huge gaps in them frustrating you? Or perhaps you are building a new home or a commercial property? Whatever may be your requirement – whether residential or commercial, whether it is a prominent place or small – Latex floor screed in London and beyond is your ideal flooring solution.

Floor screeding is now a popular choice for Londoners, and the reasons for the demand are plentiful. Floor screeding is essential as it gives a smooth and even finishing to a sub-base that could be uneven and unsafe. It provides efficient underfloor heating, high durability and an excellent long term service life. Nowadays, there are various materials available for floor screeding. But, latex screed is dominating the market for being the most reliable and affordable material.

The traditional flooring concrete mix of sand and cement may require minimal preparation and may be easy to produce and place. But, the downside of such material is that it is often of a patchy quality, leaving an uneven finish and has a propensity to develop cracks. Therefore, it is time to switch to a more practical and long-lasting flooring solution called Latex floor screed.

Why Choose Latex Floor Screed?

Latex screed is made by combining powder and liquid screed in accurate proportions to deliver remarkable results. Also known as a self-levelling compound, latex screed has a plethora of benefits. Please continue reading to understand why latex screed is a superior and premium flooring material today.

  1. Self-Levelling: Latex floor screed makes for an absolute solution for uneven and patchy floors. It is poured and trowelled, leaving you with a flawless, even finish and shine every time you apply it.
  2. A Versatile Choice: Unlike a few other flooring materials, latex screed fits in all sizes, a small or large area without hassle. Apart from sizes, it works wonderfully on floors such as a wooden floor, concrete floor making it an incredibly versatile compound.
  3. Quick to dry: A latex floor screed layer typically is a fast-drying compound giving you quality time to complete your floor coverings to be installed quickly. In case of project delays or deadlines, latex floor screed is your distinct choice, helping you stay within the timeline and budget.
  4. Protein-Free Composition: The absence of protein in latex screed means it cannot harbour bacterial life. This makes it an attractive material for locations that require high safety and hygiene standards, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and medical and food handling environments.
  5. Underfloor Heating: You can also enjoy a comfortable and cosy environment as latex screed provides underfloor heating benefits. Latex screed can be used to cover insulation or underfloor heating pipes, offering an end to end thermally efficient performance.
  6. Durable and Lightweight: Latex compound makes a solid and robust material, resisting humidity and cracks, giving a smooth shine with a thin and lightweight spread.

Apart from this, areas that experience much foot traffic or lightweight vehicles and trolleys such as airports, manufacturing warehouses, train stations; a latex surface make an exceptional choice for such commercial and industrial environments due to their high durability, excellent grip profile, and a thin, smooth finish.

Relish luxurious flooring at affordable prices

One of the major perks that a Latex floor screed offers is budget-friendly prices, helping you cut down your project cost. Latex floor screed costs are highly economical, depending on the quality, flow and other requirements. Therefore, you can now experience durable and long-lasting flooring at a cost-effective price.

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