Latex screed is an efficient way to level your uneven floors. You can use it on almost any type of flooring, and it will produce effective results. However, there is a specific way to do the thing. If you’re not having luck pouring the latex screed self-leveling solution, give these steps a try.

You don’t need too many tools or professionals. Latex screed is DIY-friendly and can yield great results. However, it is a wiser choice to opt for professional service if the task is too extensive. Either way, follow these steps:

1.  A Clean Start

You will have to start by cleaning out the floor you want to use latex screed on. Ensure that there aren’t any remnants of carpets, tiles, or anything as such. You would most likely have to sweep or clean away any dust and other particles. It will help you maintain a specific level and keep things even.

You can’t have a rugged or dirty floor where you want to pour the latex liquid. It needs to be as smooth or clean as possible. If it isn’t, you can ask for professional help you clean it yourself.

2.  Use The Level

A level is a tool that has a liquid in it with air bubbles. When you place it on the straight surface, the bubble will be in the middle. However, if the surface is uneven, the bubble will move, and you will get the idea. It is one of the great ways to see how uneven your floor is.

Another way is by using a straightedge or a screed to see if it is evenly put on the ground. If there are bumps, elevations, or declines, then you need to get it fixed. There is a string test, popular among professionals, to find out more about the uneven floors.

3.  Start Farthest From The Door

Once you prepare the solution, you will have to start pouring down the liquid. The best way to begin is by starting from the area that is furthest from the door. Start from the corners and pour it evenly across the floor. Remember only to pour as much as you can reach effectively with the tool you will use to straighten it out.

4.  The Use Of Screed

As you pour down the latex screed, you will also have to spread it evenly. Otherwise, it can end up causing more problems and uneven surfaces. For this, you can use a screed. It is a straight, long, wooden tool used to level out the floor and latex.

Alternatively, you can use paint rollers, straight hedge, and other similar equipment. The objective here is to evenly distribute the latex as you pour it to cover every corner and even out the area.

It will take time, and you will have to be patient. You might even have to use some level scales or the string test to ensure the right leveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Latex Screed Do You Need?

The requirement will depend on the size of the room or floor. Usually, the instructions come with the manual of the latex solution. It will also give you an idea of the quantity to mix, the ratio, and how much you need. So, give it a try.

How Much Can Latex Screed Fill?

Optimally, Latex screed is great for any floor that is around two inches deep or high. It will enable you to level out the floor. Yes, you can use latex screed twice to fill the floor, but that would compromise the integrity, among other things. You can consult professionals like CRW Flooring Specialists in the UK to learn more about the procedure.

Can You Pour Latex Directly On The Wooden Floor?

No. Cement floor, concrete, or Hardie backer floors can use latex screed directly. For a wooden floor, you will have to use a metal latch. A metal latch is like a net of metal. It comprises a meshed metal that works to support the integrity of the latex floor.

How Long Does It Take For Latex To Dry?

It would depend on the quality of the solution. Often, it takes a latex screed flooring around 24 hours to dry completely. After that, you can resume any work you have on the flooring. If you want to level or set the latex floor, that is the time frame.


That’s everything you need to know about how you can latex screed a floor.

If you think that the task is too big for you, you can get some professional help. Experts at CRW Flooring bring you over 30 years of experience in the field. You get a no-obligation quote from the experts and optimum consultation. Thus, you can receive impeccable results with utmost proficiency.